The Concord Armory

I went to the parade in Concord yesterday and to my surprise the National Guard did not have a group to march in the parade. The Naval Academy was there but not the local Guard unit.

I myself marched in the parade in 1987 as a 17 year old private in Company C 1-110th Armor. This is sad state of affairs when the local Concord Guard unit no longer participates. The entire point of the National Guard is community involvement, if not that then it would be the Army Reserve.

While I was there the Concord Independent Battery was there and one of the Horses was acting up and almost went into the crowd near the end of the parade. This group has its own facility to store its equipment in the Town of Concord not to far from the Guard Armory.

I then went to Lexington to catch the Paul Revere reenactment by the National Lancers and talked with Mario DiCarlo the leader of that group. Mario is involved in Massachusetts politics and has a really good grasp of who is who in the state still at 87 years old.

Mario was a Marine in the Pacific Campaign of World War II and donated free airtime on his New Hampshire radio station that he used to own to the Marine Corps.

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